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Masks & Marxism — Time to End Government Running the Schools.

Thursday August 12th’s Edition [2:43:58]

TIME FOR SCHOOL EXODUS: Teacher resigns, refusing to be a “cog” in the machinery of hate & Marxism; parents break away to hold their own meeting after arrogant school board throws them out

Election corruption MISDIRECTION

• Climate agenda comes roaring back — along with Geoengineering

• China censors Karaoke songs

FBI does civil asset forfeiture of bank account for merely attending Jan6 — didn’t go near the Capitol

• As Afghanistan collapses, no one talks about the false flag of 9/11 or holds Pentagon accountable for its failure as they push to mandate Trump Shots

• Incremental mandates — fees, increasing frequency of testing, charging for testing — and taxes on unvaccinated

Cult of the Vaccine — hit me again.   Data from multiple countries shows each shot has a measurable harmful effect on the immune system — that increases with time

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