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NIH Institute of “Health”: Psychopaths & Liars Torture Babies & Puppies.

  • Torturing puppies to death is not simply a waste of money and cruel indifference — it’s yet another indicator our government’s “science” is controlled by psychopathic serial killers
  • Globalists say chaos, famine, mass migration and war are coming — because of “climate change”.  Back to Plan A
  • NZ & Australian despots can’t hide their glee at their unrestricted power to punish unvaxed people as untouchables.  “That’s what it is, yep.”
  • Resistance building in USA against mandates (even in “blue” areas) as CDC plans “education & counseling” for unvaxed which they say will soon be redefined as less than 3 jabs
  • Uncontrollable public school (23 arrests over a few days), brought under control by Dads coming to school.  Who knew?
  • Conservative press laments OSHA cover-up of mandated vaccine injuries until May 2022 give ammunition to the “conspiracy theorists” case

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Monday October 25th’s Edition [3:01:34]

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