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“Ask Me Anything” — Listeners Ask Me About Everything”.

“Ask Me Anything” — Listeners Ask Me About Everything — beginning about an hour and ten minutes into program

NY Governor forced to back down on jab mandate by 20% of MTA workers who DO NOT COMPLY

5 yr old boy & mother swarmed, traumatized by large group of NYPD for the crime of eating at a restaurant without jab passport

LGBT Grooming of USA Kids by TikTok (with Chinese government connections) while Chinese government actively opposes LGBT in China

• Sodom & Gomorrah — A single US county has 25 cops arrested in 2021 on sexual charges ranging from child rape to bestiality

• Even mainstream media is warning about side effects of BigPharma “covid pills”. Another untested EUA (Emergency Use Authorization)

• Is Trump a Fool or a Traitor?  WATCH Candace Owens make the case he’s a fool and Dr. David Martin, PhD make the case he FULLY KNEW

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