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You should try hydroponic gardening.

8 Good reasons you should try hydroponic gardening. By Joanne Washburn Hydroponics is a form of soil-less gardening or farming that makes economical use of space and resources. In the traditional ...

9 vegetables that grow in containers.

9 vegetables that are the easiest to grow in containers By: Divina Ramirez (Natural News) You don’t need to have a backyard to grow your own food. If you’re limited to a cramped balcony, a small ...

Containers for growing vegetables

6 Best containers for growing vegetables By Divina Ramirez Terracotta pots, footed tubs and hanging baskets overflowing with fragrant flowers add appeal to a garden. But container gardening also ...

Tips for creating a beautiful garden.

12 Budget-friendly tips for creating a beautiful garden. By: Divina Ramirez (Natural News) Stunning gardens are a treat for the senses. Fragrant flowers, colorful fences and weed-free beds help ...

10 Tips for growing cherry tomatoes,

10 Tips for growing cherry tomatoes, a garden staple. By Joanne Washburn There’s nothing quite like enjoying fresh-from-the-vine cherry tomatoes. Healthy, tangy and thirst-quenching, these bright ...

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