Morning Briefing Thurs. Dec. 2

DML Morning Briefing Thurs. Dec. 2: More from Kamala Harris’ staff bailing out, appalling remark by Supreme Court justice, and more…

By  Team DML

Today is December 2 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. 

1 – Top Kamala Harris adviser resigning amid signs of VP office disarray
Fox News reports: Symone Sanders, a senior adviser to Vice President Harris and her chief spokesperson, will depart at the end of the year, in a sign of growing turmoil within the office.

Sanders is the second top Harris aide to announce her departure in less than a month. Just two weeks ago, it emerged that Harris Communications Director Ashley Etienne had resigned. Harris has been plagued by poor approval ratings and questions from Republican critics about her competence.

“Symone has served honorably for 3 years,” a White House official told Fox News. “First as a valuable member of the President‘s 2020 presidential campaign, then as a member of his transition team and now deputy assistant to the President and senior advisor/chief spokesperson to the Vice President.”

The White House official also told Fox News that President Biden and Harris “are grateful for Symone’s service and advocacy” and said she “will be missed.”

DML: They’re bailing out of the sinking ship.

2 – ‘Follow The Science’: Pro-Lifers Slam Justice Sotomayor After She Compared Unborn Babies To Braindead People
The Daily Caller reports: Pro-life activists criticized Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s Wednesday comments that fetal pain before 24 weeks was a “fringe” idea.

Mississippi Attorney General Scott Stewart challenged Roe’s standard of viability: that the state does not have an interest in protecting the life of a child until 24 weeks (six months) into pregnancy. Stewart argued that babies’ ability to feel pain before viability should play a role in determining whether the state should protect their lives.

“I don’t see how that really adds anything to the discussion, that a small fringe of doctors believe that pain could be experienced before a cortex is formed,” Sotomayor said while interrupting Stewart repeatedly.

In response to Stewart’s assertion that babies recoil from surgical instruments at as young as 15 weeks, Sotomayor argued that braindead people, who are considered officially dead in most states, can still sometimes respond to stimuli such as being touched on the feet.

“I don’t think that a response by a fetus necessarily proves there’s a sensation of pain or that there’s consciousness,” she said.

Fetal pain is possible at as early as 12 weeks, according to Dr. Stuart Derbyshire, a prominent neurologist who was a leading voice against the possibility of pre-viability fetal pain before changing his position in light of scientific advancements.

DML: Sometimes, there are just no words. APPALLING that this woman sit on the Supreme Court!

3 – Teenager dies after being shot 18 times while waiting for school bus
The Washington Examiner reports: A Philadelphia teenager died after being shot at least 18 times Monday while waiting at a bus stop.

Two individuals exited a car and fired at least 36 shots at Samir Jefferson, a ninth grader at Thomas Edison High School, around 3:30 p.m. as he waited for a bus to take him home from school, police said.

The 14-year-old was rushed to Temple University Hospital following the shooting, where he died of his wounds.

The victim’s brother said Jefferson had told him he was going to Burger King after school and that the victim usually took the bus on his way home.

DML: Sickening!

4 – Covid-19 Made Americans Into Super Savers. Now They’re Hoarding Cash.
The Wall Street Journal reports: Americans are hoarding cash because of fatigue and uncertainty, with little chance the trend will reverse soon.

Over the past two years, households have socked away close to $1.6 trillion in “excess savings,” or resources they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to save before the Covid-19 crisis, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The funds are well beyond the three to six months of emergency savings generally recommended by financial advisers.

While the savings rate has dropped back to 2019 levels after four consecutive quarters of record high savings, financial advisers, money managers and economists say Americans are too nervous about potential worst-case scenarios to dip into their funds. And now, with the Omicron variant of the coronavirus threatening to disrupt stability once again, many of them expect the cash hoarding to continue.

DML: Biden is destroying America’s economy!

5 – TSA extending mask mandate for domestic travel through March
The Hill reports: The Biden administration will extend the requirement that passengers on domestic flights, trains, and public transportation wear face masks through mid-March amid concerns about the new omicron coronavirus variant.

President Biden will announce the policy on Thursday as part of a broader effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic during the winter months.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) plans to extend the masks requirements through at least March 18, according to a White House fact sheet. The TSA last extended the mask mandate in August through January 2022.

Under the rules, individuals who do not comply with the mandate will face a minimum fine of $500 with repeat offenders facing fines as high as $3,000.

DML: They never want this to end.

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