The David Knight Show – 12/06/21

Australian FEMA Camps & USA Bipartisan “Immunization Infrastructure” to Map/Track Unvaxed.

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Monday December 6th’s Edition
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Rise & Fall of Omicron Panic. Financial markets roiled, unvaxed vilified, but did tyranny advance or lose ground?

Roe v Wade — Astonishing admissions by justices about the massive ethical issues AND legal implications for judicial supremacy.  Will Roe be reversed and if it is, what will happen?Nearly 40% of GOP in Congress

joins Democrats to create an “Immunization Infrastructure” to spy on unvaccinated and map their locationFEMA camps — no longer a conspiracy “theory”.  Australian military rounding up and imprisoning people who test NEGATIVE based on “contact” info alone.  Every country is trending to this unless stopped by  “we the people”.

Military vaccine mandates.  There is a difference between different branches of military.  And what can we learn from the Anthrax vaccine debacle 20 yrs ago that was blocked by some officers and eventually a judge

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