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Total Surveillance “Social Credit” System for Cars / COP26: Lights Out for US & EU.

  • Beyond Satire: School Board member BRAGS on social media about taking children under 10 on a field trip to a gay bar — it’s OK they were masked.  And, social media influencers push the “virtue” of sterilization
  • INTERVIEW: Eric Peters, on total surveillance & “social credit” coming to cars, classic car quirks, setting speed limits, fighting medical tyranny
  • Radical climate agenda dominates Biden’s spending bill.  It’s key to destroying our food supply, our supply chain for everything else, and our wealth
  • INTERVIEW: Blystone Challenges DeWine. One of the worst governors during lockdown/vaccination has been DeWine of Ohio.  Farmer & businessman, Joe Blystone, joins to talk about why he’s running in the primary against DeWine.
  • Richard Burr’s insider trading is wrong & trending but when will Pelosi or Fed Reserve officials be investigated for same thing? Pelosi’s husband’s trades are followed by many as a harbinger of market moves.  There’s even a website devoted to his trades
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