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Counterfeit “Adolf Hitler” VaxPassports / Marxists Seized Power in Hungary w SAME Tactics in USA Today.

  • How better to protest (and show the vulnerability of) the authoritarian “show me your papers” VaccinePassport system than to create fake passports for Adolf Hitler?
  • 65 years after the failed Hungarian Revolt against the Marxists, the USA is experiencing a frightening parallel to how the Marxists took over the country at the beginning
  • INTERVIEW: US Freedom Flyers, an organization to oppose vaccine mandates for all travel employees and passengers,
  • Twitch (Mars) ad tells us corporations have moved on from trying to sell product — their agenda to destroy children, families and society is all that matters to them
  • Global move to demonize and label as “extreme and dangerous” parents and adults who push back against experimental jabs for children
  • Hospitals have become literal prisons. Medical kidnappings, isolation, malnutrition, dangerous expensive ineffective drugs
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