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Child Hospitalizations Plummet, So FDA Moves to Approve 5 yr olds Get Untested Jab.

  • “We’ll never know it’s safe unless we start giving it” — Vaccine Cult targets 5-11 yr olds
  • Child hospitalizations plummet even as vaccine is rolled out.  It’s NOT an emergency, just an excuse
  • If a Pelosi “wealth tax” precedent wasn’t bad enough, Yellen says it will be on fantasy wealth — “unrealized capital gains”.  Don’t worry it’s only for billionaires (like the income tax originally was sold)
  • GreatReset/UN climate conference — we only have 8 yrs to save the planet.  Here’s a look at their endless, failed doom/gloom prophecies
  • Deliberate sabotage of supply chain
  • Military contractors of missiles, helicopters, etc warn they can’t function with mandated jab firings as Biden pushes conflict with China
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