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PR Campaign to Starve, Imprison “Dirty, Filthy Unvaxed”.

Demonizing “dirty, filthy” unvaxed: PR campaign to imprison & starve the unvaxed begins on multiple fronts as man drives car into protestors and Australia brags banishment until 2023 at least 
Mainstream media hawks transgenderism for kids at Halloween & Penn Jillette falls hook, line, and sinker for the dumbest hoax of all time
More nurses speak out about the cover-up and the pandemic hoax
The BEST vaccine protest song — ever
Massive protests by workers against jab mandate
Border collapse expands as possibility the biggest caravan yet approaches and Biden works to fire more border agents b/c vax mandate
“Weathervane” Trump media adjusts for anti-vax headwinds

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Tuesday October 26th’s Edition [3:01:33]

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