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BLUFF: PRIVATE Company Mandate by Biden & OSHA Not Even a ”Rule”.

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Monday October 11th’s Edition [3:01:41]

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Biden’s OSHA mandate for PRIVATE companies is a BLUFF! NO Executive Order, NO OSHA Regulation published. Rule by dictate.  Will it stand? Will we stand for it?
Pilots show the way — Southwest Airlines cancels several thousand flights over Biden’s bluff mandates
SHUT DOWN the System — HOLD FAST against this corporate/fascist surveillance state being established — multiple brushfires of freedom ignite across the country as people refuse to comply with tyranny
What the global prison system looks like — in Lithuania and in Australia on the cynically named “Freedom Day”
Multiple moves over the weekend show what 2030 plan will look like as California enacts “ethnic studies” requirements for graduation, “gender neutral” mandatesinsurance companies push “telematics” to monitor driving, Amazon begins surveillance of your kitchen

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