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Wednesday September 24th’s Edition [3:01:36]

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• Multiple Swiss cities have mass protests against vaccine passports/mandates.
• Australia locks down all construction — looks like daily protests will continue.
• Biden resists BIPARTISAN effort to allow HONORABLE discharge for military personnel purged for sincerely held religious beliefs.  Biden wants them punished. Fed employees, civilian & military, sue Biden.
• Hospitals across US & Canada facing critical nursing shortage.  NY governor indicates she will bring in foreign nurses to replace.
• Feds are moving against crypto as bill introduced to give Federal Reserve power to create Central Bank Digital Cash — the worst of fiat, surveillance and control.
• INTERVIEW: Gerald Celente, TrendsResearch.comin EVERY way the world is becoming China — it’s now or never to stand for freedom.
• AMA more concerned stopping criticism than stopping disease. One physician’s story shows that eventually doctors will reap what they’ve sewn when they become ill.

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