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EXPOSED: Gain of Function Spike Protein Nanotech.

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Wednesday September 23rd’s Edition [3:01:36]

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“Chimeric protein spike delivered through skin by nanoparticles”— concerned scientists and whistleblower show. Fauci’s partner EcoHealth working on “gain of function” that looks remarkably like the vaccine.
Australian govt doubles down: escalates censorship and violence after the people push back against lockdown & vaccine mandates.

DeSantis’ new Florida Surgeon General says “we’re DONE with fear” as it looks like Florida will have a majority of voters registered as Republican for the first time EVER.

Democrats in Virginia and NC push for more gun control and Trump-style “red flag” laws.

FedEx begins test to replace truck driver with autonomous trucks in 2 years and UK will tax by mile after 3,000 “free” miles.

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