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Afghanistan: Nation-Building Era Over, Errors Continue.

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Wednesday September 1st’s Edition [2:59:33]


4:37 Biden brags that only left 10% of Americans were abandoned in Afghanistan.  Pentagon spokesman says it happens all the time (we noticed) but they’re “heartbroken” about it.  Yeah. Right.  Oh, and “thank you for your service”.

13:08 It would be bad enough if 100 Americans were abandoned, but Democrat Andy Kim (D-NJ) says he’s gotten over 11,000 evacuation requests

16:25 Americans with passports turned away, but Afghans without papers put on planes.  Homeland Security says verification has now become a “math game” and the chances are “higher and higher” that terrorists were flown in

20:03 Family members talk about Biden’s detached, self-centered disregard for their loss of family members, Marines who died in Kabul

30:29 Biden pivots to a popular position — ending the “era of nation-building”. But did he choose to leave or was the US driven out?

35:43 Trump’s final Defense Sec says Trump NEVER intended on leaving Afghanistan — it was a “play”.  And Trump is now pushing the idea of going back to get EQUIPMENT left behind (not Americans).

52:11  CDC’s New Mission: GUN CONTROL. Medical Martial Law goes to the next step — declaring guns to be a “public health” issue.  CDC had used fake numbers/stats to push gun control decades ago but were stopped.  Who and when did it pivot and how will Biden use it now.

1:14:23 Australia says they’re moving from “Zero Covid” policy — but there’s a catch…

1:26:57 Democrat Clinton operative, Terry McAuliffe, is running against a Republican that’s campaigning on taxes as if it’s 1980, ignoring 2020 lockdown & mandates for vaccines/masks

1:33:00 At what age should your children be able to “define … bisexual, lesbian, gay, queer, twospirit, asexual, pansexual,” as well as “vaginal, oral, and anal sex”? The federal Dept of Education’s “National Sex Education Standard” has unbelievable curriculum goals for kids beginning in kindergarten. And states are enacting them.

1:40:19 NBC contributor advocates child sex trafficking (just apply “sex worker” labor laws) and child porn.  If you disagree, you’re a fascist.

1:48:21 Homeschooling is exploding — 500% increase in Texas over last year, when it was 400% increase from the previous year as formerly coveted schools in NYC see attendance drop 30%

2:02:13 INTERVIEW: Political Crimes That Turned America. Don Jeffries,, author of “Crimes and Cover-Ups in American Politics: 1776-1963” and many other books joins to talk about what happened to America and how “The Village” is being used to dupe the public

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