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Afghanistan Began with CIA Lie, Ends with a CYA Lie.

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Tuesday August 31st’s Edition [3:00:48]


1:53 Afghanistan: Began with CIA, Ends with CYA. “Only” 250 Americans abandoned by Biden? The more we find out about the incompetence, the worse the Pentagon & Biden look.  More details emerge about incomprehensible, incompetent decisions and negligence.

32:15 Ivermectin: What They Don’t Want You to Know. Doctor cures 531 COVID cases — punished. Japanese health authority accuses Merck of cutting Ivermectin supplies. Walmart is telling pharmacists to pressure docs if they prescribe it — next they’ll ban it.

44:38 Fauci, Gates, WHO — Simply Organized Crime. RFK Jr and former Pfizer exec exposes how corporations use governments and WHO to coerce the sales of vaccines

1:03:06 INTERVIEW: Eric Peters,, What Killed the REAL Electric Car? — the electric car that’s better.  Also, resisting the Reset but prepping for worst case societal change, and a 2021 Miata review

1:50:08 Listener’s letters. A prayer request

1:58:20 Cincinnati area judge orders hospital to give Ivermectin to a patient whose family requested it (3 weeks under hospital care has made him MUCH worse)

2:06:23 USA Today touted vaccines as the savior of mankind a couple of months ago but now mocks those who believed the hype

2:07:38 Another MILLION does pulled for total of 2.6 MILLION doses of Moderna vaccines pulled by Japanese government for contaminants and 2 people admitted killed by the shots.  The contamination “reacts to magnets”.  Remember “Magneto” protein particles discussed by the Guardian 5 yrs ago and how they were used for neurological manipulation of mice?

2:18:13 Polio jab is always touted by jab-pushers — but do you remember SV-40 and the adverse effects of rushing things at WarpSpeed?

2:21:02 Data from Israel (the most taxed country) is in: VAXED have 27 times higher risk of infection, 251 times higher viral load (super spreaders) and NATURAL IMMUNITY is 13 times better than jab

2:25:02 Facing Mandatory Injections? Here are suggestions and helpful sites and organizations

2:46:27 Drugs (and Vaccines) Are Dirty Business. Godfather Fauci’s scruples are even lower than a Mafia Don.

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