The David Knight Show, Jan. 5

Wednesday, January 5, 2022
Metaverse & Robots Bring Cheap Foreign Labor; SEALs Defeat Pentagon.

• Another win for US military against Pentagon. Judge sides with SEALs against Sec Def Austin (who got Covid despite triple vaxxed, masked, shielded, social distanced). This victory comes with an injunction. How does this decision differ from the others?
• First wave of “robots” will bring cheap foreign labor via Metaverse.
• Newly elected, Soros back DA says he will not prosecute armed robbery and other felonies.
• UN2030 — All new EU cars require black boxes by this summer, KFC will push veggie chicken.
• The “surge” is a surge of testing by panicked public.
• After firing nurses for being unjabbed, nurses report they are being told to come to work EVEN IF SICK WITH COVID.
• Insurance executive’s bombshell numbers about non-Covid deaths are ignored even by the CEO as assumes they are all Covid deaths of unvaccinated. The data does NOT support that fantasy.

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