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Monday, January 3, 2022
Re-Awakening Begins and Those Behind Pandemic Pretend They Didn’t Know.

• Controlling Opposition: Alex Jones, Ben Shapiro, Wayne Allyn Root are pivoting on Trump, TrumpShots & pandemic — but not coming clean.
• Another 2019 component of the planned pandemic comes to light — a law to authorize fake health data and rigged statistics.
• NYC ushers in 2022 with media censoring, and NY Eve “celebrations” where nothing is celebrated but politicians.
• If you think government won’t use you as a lab rat — yet another experiment on children revealed, this time in Denmark, by the CIA.
• Omicron: From Media Hysterics to Hysterical Farce.
• Fauci admits kids aren’t being hospitalized BECAUSE of covid but testing WITH it.
• CDC retreats more on testing and quarantines.

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