DML Morning Briefing Dec 28

DML Morning Briefing Dec 28

By  Dennis Michael Lynch

Today is December 28 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion.

1.Colorado gunman kills 4, injures 3 in ‘shooting spree’ at multiple locations
Fox News – A Colorado gunman has been blamed for killing four individuals and injuring three –including a police officer — in a shooting spree at multiple locations in Denver and the suburb of Lakewood, according to reports.

The suspected gunman was fatally shot in Lakewood, Fox 31 reported. Authorities said they are searching an area in Belmar for possible additional suspects

The first shooting occurred in Denver, which resulted in the deaths of two women, police said, according to the station. Another person was injured. There was a separate shooting that resulted in another man’s death in another location in the city.

Two people, including the suspect, were pronounced dead after another shooting in Lakewood, police said.

DML: The crime culture, the killing culture, and the chaos that blankets this nation is out of control. The Democrats will see this story and point to the gun, but in doing so they ignore the three fingers pointing back at themselves.  Democrats are like lice.  There’s nothing useful about them, they are pests.

2. GOP rips into Biden after recent Covid comments

DailyMail – Republicans wasted no time slamming Joe Biden after the flip-flopping president said ‘there is no federal solution’ to combating COVID-19 on Monday despite draconian measures that have included federal mask and vaccine mandates.

The GOP, citing a comment Biden made in October 2020, released a tweet implying the president did an about-face on his commitment to battling the pandemic, which has come back with a vengeance with the highest amount of cases in a day since January – before vaccines were created.

‘BIDEN, TODAY: “There is no federal solution’ to COVID,”‘ the Republican National Committee tweeted, and included footage of the president from Monday’s meeting with 25 governors.

“BIDEN, 2020: “I’m going to shut down the virus.”‘

Biden was meeting Monday with 25 of the nation’s governors – a mix of Republicans and Democrats – where he addressed the ongoing pandemic.

After his speech, Biden asked White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Jeffrey Zients to open to the floor to questions from the governors.

However, before taking any questions, Zients quickly booted the press from the room, saying: ‘I think we’re going to clear the press first.’

DML: Look, it’s super simple. If you voted for Biden you are as dumb as he is. If you voted for Trump and think the election was stolen, odds are you stand correct but the courts, press, and politicians will never allow the truth to flow. Either way, we are stuck with this incompetent Magoo character until 2024. This fact is best described as a bad situation, and unfortunately there is no taking a bulldozer to the problem. It has to be dismantled brick by brick. It starts with people like Sen Manchin (D-WV) preventing Biden from turning the Democrat Party into a socialist tribe that pushes crazy policies, then it moves to the right where the GOP must form a tight coalition to prevent every move Biden makes, and then it comes down to winning back the House and Senate in 2022. Once complete, I say we tell Trump to play golf every day for the rest of his life so he can make room for Gov DeSantis to run for president without fear of a clash.  Let the best governor in US history provide solid leadership from inside the White House. The entire Biden nightmare will be over within the first six months of a DeSantis presidency, and as a nation we can rebuild like we did after Obama’s departure. Only this time we don’t get fooled again in 2028.

3. The US border continues to be an open hole

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin tweeted about the dark and ugly events taking shape at the border Monday night. He writes, “More than 2,700 illegal immigrants apprehended in *just* Del Rio sector over the Christmas weekend.”

With his tweet was a message from Chief Patrol Agent Jason Owens, who wrote:

The mission never sleeps!
Christmas weekend challenged agents with:
– 2,700+ apprehensions
– 3 sex offenders arrested
– Several large groups of 130+
– 15 smuggling cases
– 16 migrants rescued

DML: With all the Omicron nonsense, the distractions of the holidays, and cameras focusing on smash, grab and run crimes, the media has forgotten the biggest threat of all… THE BORDER. Drugs, prostitution, human trafficking, terrorism, and unhealthy people is what Biden and Democrats want inside our 50-states. If they did not want such terrible things they’d close the border. And if I may add another tweet… it’s not happening solely in Texas. Check out this tweet from South Florida…

4.Cops in NY go after little kids with Covid checks
In a video posted by independent journalist Drew Hernandez on Twitter, it appears New York City Police are checking kids for COVID passports while dining with their families.  Hernandez writes: “NEW YORK: NYPD barges into a restaurant to check for “Covid papers”

You can clearly see a little boy is distraught in fear as him and his family get kicked out of the restaurant for being unclean “

DML: I am no longer supporting NYPD. I recently donated $20,000 from The DML Foundation to a NYPD rookie officer. I can tell you it is my last “NY cop” donation EVER. That may sound unfair because of all the good cops in NY, but in my book all it takes is one bad apple when it comes to COVID bullsh*t. If you are a NY cop, or a cop anywhere in the US, and you enforce what is best described as communist tactics, well then I say you are a piece of sh*t. If you are a cop and you are told to enforce such asinine things like tracking a kid’s vaccine status, then you should be a man and walk away from the task.  Tell your boss “NO.” Go fight the real crimes that are shaping the horror show known as NY City. Or perhaps you are too scared? Regardless, I’ll be donating to Florida cops in the future.

5.Texas runs out of monoclonal antibody treatment to fight omicron variant of COVID-19
USA TODAY -AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas state health department has run out of a key treatment to fight the omicron COVID-19 variant, which now makes up 90% of the virus cases in the state.

On Monday, the Texas Department of State Health Services announced that its regional infusion centers in Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, San Antonio and The Woodlands have run out of the monoclonal antibody sotrovimab.

That antibody has been shown to be effective against the omicron variant. Other monoclonal antibodies have not been shown to be effective against omicron.

The state does not expect to receive another shipment of sotrovimab from the federal government until January.

People who had an appointment scheduled at regional infusion centers for this treatment will be alerted. People who have been diagnosed with a non-omicron variant can receive other monoclonal antibody treatments at the regional infusion centers.

DML: Are you shocked? I am not. If something works, the federal government wants it gone. DC wants you to get the jab; they want you to get your “easy to track” Covid passport.  They won’t help you at all if you want something more effective than a lame vax that doesn’t work as sold. Basically, you are left to fend for yourself.  If you die in the process, well then too bad.  You’re just a number.  Meanwhile, all is good in DC because the drug companies are doing great. As a reminder, Fauci tells you not to celebrate the New Year.

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