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What Is CLO2?

and Why Should I Care?

ClO2 is chlorine dioxide.

It has been used for years to purify water in sanitizing systems in the US and around the world, and there’s some evidence that it may have the ability to improve your health when taken internally. Unfortunately, there have been wild claims about its effectiveness, so much so that many mainstream medical and media outlets look at it as just another form of snake oil.
We believe that you should have the right to make your own decisions about your healthcare, and that any and all information you gather should be evaluated carefully for its accuracy and its reputability.
In the end, choosing to use CLO2 is a personal decision.


Chlorine dioxide isn’t your typical pharmaceutical. It’s easy to make with commonly available materials, and very cheap, which makes it accessible for those without other options. 
But because of the early claims, and the ability of the press to squash new ideas and new technologies, CLO2 has never been put through a full study by the FDA or any other global medical agency. It is instantly derided as “bleach” and people who want to use it are told it is dangerous.
Like any medicine, danger is in the dose. The right dose of aspirin relieves fever and eases muscle aches. An overdose can be fatal. The same can be said for any other medicine.

The other side of the debate

Chlorine Dioxide has been used extensively in Uganda and other African nations, where anecdotal evidence suggests that it has had some success in helping  the body fight off a number of diseases. However, those medical missionaries using CLO2 have not been able to get the attention that the anecdotal evidence would seem to demand.
The current theory is that chlorine dioxide acts as a disinfectant inside the body.   At the appropriate dose, the weak oxidizing action of CLO2 attacks germs, bacteria, and viruses the same way it does in a water tank when used as a water purifier. The key is to administer CLO2 at a dose level that will disinfect without causing damage to the body in the process.

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