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DML Morning Briefing Tues. Nov. 9: Judge rejects Trump request, DeSantis on a roll, and more…

Today is November 9 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning.

1 – Judge rejects Trump’s late-night effort to temporarily block release of Jan. 6 records
The Hill reports: A federal judge quickly denied a late-night effort from former President Trump on Monday to temporarily block the National Archives from releasing records from his administration to the House Jan. 6 select committee.

Trump’s legal team filed the unusual motion as the parties are awaiting a formal ruling from U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan ahead of a Friday deadline for the National Archives to begin handing over material that the former president claims is protected by executive privilege.

Chutkan, an Obama appointee, rejected the request shortly after midnight on Tuesday, saying in a brief order that the request was premature and that Trump could ask for a stay if and when she issues a ruling that he would want to appeal.

The judge has yet to rule on Trump’s overall effort to block the National Archives from complying with the committee’s request, and the latest development does not indicate how she might decide the case.

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2 – Reporter Tries To Corner DeSantis On His ‘Brandon Administration’ Comment. Here’s How The Florida Governor Responds
The Daily Caller reports: Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis defended his recent dubbing of President Joe Biden’s administration as the “Brandon administration” during a Monday interview.

WPEC CBS12 News reporter Jay O’Brien pressed the Florida governor on calling the administration “the Brandon administration” in reference to the popular anti-Biden phrase “Let’s Go, Brandon” at an election integrity press conference on Nov. 3 in Tampa Bay.

“Do you feel that that is the proper level of exchange between a governor and a president?” O’Brien asked.

“Well, let me ask you how he’s treated us. Well, look, I think it’s a joke but honestly, one of the reasons why that has taken on is because a lot of your folks in the national media, they get very sensitive to it,” DeSantis responded. “Because what happened was people were chanting something else very colorful. You had a reporter though, say it was ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ when that’s not really what was said.”

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3 – Child tax credit scams still trapping the unwary
CNBC reports: Scammers are using the child tax credit to try to steal from unsuspecting Americans, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Often, these criminals perpetuate a type of “government impersonator” scam. They contact people by phone, text, e-mail and social media, pretending to be IRS agents and directing victims to fake websites that seem legitimate.

The American Rescue Plan, a pandemic relief law passed in March, temporarily enhanced the value of the child tax credit and authorized the IRS send funds in monthly installments through 2021. Families can get up to $250 or $300 a month per child, depending on their age. The IRS has issued $61 billion to households since July.

“Many people have gotten their advance Child Tax Credit payments this year, but scammers are taking advantage of this new program to try to trick you out of money or information,” Emily Wu, an attorney in the FTC’s Division of Consumer and Business Education, wrote.

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4 – Pennsylvania governor allowing school districts to modify, end mask mandate
The Hill reports: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) intends to allow school districts to modify or end mask mandates for K-12 students starting on Jan. 17.

Wolf’s administration imposed a statewide mask mandate in September, citing the surge of infections and hospitalizations from the highly contagious delta variant of the novel virus, according to The Associated Press.

“Now, we are in a different place than we were in September, and it is time to prepare for a transition back to a more normal setting,” Wolf said in a statement on Monday.

“Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus is now a part of our daily lives, but with the knowledge we’ve gained over the past 20 months and critical tools like the vaccine at our disposal, we must take the next step forward in our recovery,” he added.

DML: End the mask mandates, period!

5 – Masked California’s COVID rate is now twice Florida’s
Fox News reports: California’s coronavirus case rate is twice Florida’s despite mask mandates and recommendations to prevent the spread of the virus.

“You’re paying for your success, which is weird,” Ali H. Mokdad, professor of health metrics sciences at the University of Washington, told the Mercury News when asked why Californians aren’t “reaping more reward for their adherence to health guidance.”

“You succeed in controlling the virus, and now you’re having infections.”

Cases in California are no longer falling, with the rate increasing to the CDC’s red “high” level of virus transmission stemming from the delta variant, the outlet reported. But Southern states such as Texas and Florida – where state leaders do not enforce face mask policies or support other strict mandates – are in the CDC’s orange “substantial” transmission level.

California’s vaccination rate is higher than states such as Texas and Florida, but that still hasn’t stopped the outbreaks. Sixty-two percent of California’s total population is fully vaccinated, while Florida reports 60% and Texas 54%.

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